The PURRfect solution to your Kitty's litterbox


This turned out so cute and was very easy to install. I recommend it to anyone!

Nicole R.

I bought this because I couldn't find a litter box that my dog would stay out of. This keeps him out! :) We put this on the door to the room my cat's litter box is in and keep the door shut. Easy to put together and my guests think it's cute!


This is super adorable and very easy to install!! Keeps more litter in the closet where it belongs, as well as containing the smell! Love it!

J. Leith

Love it! Wish we found this sooner. This solved all of our problems with our dogs eating the cat food and trying to come up with different barriers to keep them out. Perfect and great price too!

Kings Fortuneon

It was easy for my fiancé to install in our bathroom door. It's so nice keeping the dogs out of the bathroom now. They used to like to sneak in there to get into the litter box! Ew!

Katelyn Smith

Instructions were clear and the product is very unique. I get complements and questions on it all the time!! Makes us laugh every time the cats go through it. My husband convinced my to put the cart butt facing into our kitchen so it's even funnier!


What a sweet idea! My daughter painted it to look like a calico and it is a nice embellishment to our door leading down to the basement. Our kitty immediately was comfortable using it. It is a bit larger than we expected, but was easy to cut down to a small cat size.



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